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It is hard to believe it is already November. When we started construction we imagined Christmas 2020 with our family at the new La Jolla Caribe. Although construction progress is going well, we will not be quite there yet. And even if we were, our kids do not want to travel during this pandemic. So we are aiming for March and our two grad student's Spring Breaks, hoping life will be a little more normal then.

Meanwhile we have been busy shopping online for tile, appliances, fixtures, lighting and now furniture. We never imagined we would have to make appointments to look at anything in person. We were fortunate to get a couple Saturday appointments or my husband wouldn't have made any selections at all. And it was on a trip to Houston he fell in love with these quartzite countertops from Brazil. A very nice trucker took them to the fabricator in Florida and from there they will ship via Tropical Shipping to St. John. They are very well travelled kitchen counters. A special shout out to Daltile Houston for all their help!

Here are some more updates. We now have a front door and we think it turned out beautifully. And it is fully Miami Dade impact rated.

We have some interior doors, too.

And finally, the exterior color (Morning Sun) is being added to walls. The brick on the outside showers is perfect. More about finishes next time......


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