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We are beach people...

To be honest, we never understood why anyone would spend time in a pool on St. John when you could be on any of the North Shore beaches. Even before we purchased the original La Jolla Caribe we never swam in the pool at the villas we rented. However, after Irma we were fortunate to have been invited to stay at a few of our neighbor’s lovely homes in Catherineberg whenever we came down to work on clearing debris or to meet with the architect. They clearly enjoyed their pools and encouraged us to consider adding one. However, the true driving force behind our decision to build a pool was that since Irma we have been blessed with three wonderful grandchildren. We know full days at the beach are a ways off and that swimming in the pool will provide an additional way to entertain (and tire out) the little ones.

The pool is already poured and we are quite satisfied with the setting!


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